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veet facial wax strips review

Inspired by nature and dermatologically tested, the formula is made with naturally derived natural shea butter. // ]]> I am a working lady in a private ltd organization, which means that I constantly look for products to make my daily routine a lot easier and faster. They are enriched with shea butter and have acai berry fragrance. This is for Normal/Dry skin, and it comes with 20 cold wax strips… wipes were not enough to remove all remaining wax on skin You needed two boxes.. One problem that I have is unwanted hair, in fact we all have.I don’t have enough time and the patience to remove it “manually” and shaving as I believe is good but the result is very itchy and also a short term solution. ?or it’s required for underarms only?? Step 1: Rub a Veet wax strip between the hands for about 5 seconds to warm the wax. *nails*. Book an eye test online today. I liked Veet's other wax for my face (namely my eyebrows) but this is just bad. This method irritates less the. - Best suited for sensitive skin - Leaves behind salon- like glowing skin Doesn't work on coarse hair no matter how long you leave it on. hey charan i face the same problem during the removal of my underarms hairs… it was so painful that i couldn’t jot down in words… may be coz the hair are coarse over there. this doesn’t pain though so i’ve learnt to live with it. :-), hey, uhm i used the pink one for my underarms and then, it worked but there is still some hair. These wax strips are recommended for sensitive skin, so I thought that it would be softer for me too. Invest in a lighted makeup mirror or vanity lights to illuminate your bathroom, or make sure you wax near a sunny window. they were all messed up and some bleeding also I just warm it up with my hands and apply immediately on a clean and dry area to be waxed. Will it work ? :methinks: ? by Veet. Veet - Sensitive Skin Face Wax Strips - 40 Wax Strips - Veet - Miraculous Oil - 100ml. £4.36 £ 4. Not only did it not remove most of the hair, it left a burn rash! I've tried rubbing them between my palms as indicated in their directions and using a blow dryer. 0 Reviews. Good review , anyways :yes: Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2014, I've not found this product very good at all. The entire process is very time consuming, tiresome and no doubt messy. no cons abt this product? but yes it depends on the hair type also na… i hv fine hairs so worked for me i guess… :blush: I bought them from France (Veet only) and they killed my skin i mean uhm, do i need to put the wax then pull then put it again then pull, just to remove he hair????? Don't know what happened, but I purchased 2 packs and they are both defective. Veet Face Wax Strips, Pack of 12. The wipes do nothing to get any residue off, they are just those little handi-wipes people with kids carry in the glove box. If these new wax strips do not change I will be looking into purchasing another product. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Veet Facial Hair Remover Cold Wax Strips, 20 Count and 4 Wipes at yes it is priyanka, just try it out bt as neha mentioned use a thick talcum before use.. :-)), I have used this.. Well all girls face this problem of removing the unwanted hair from our body. hi sree. Dont give me "you didnt use it what it was designed for" either - if it says "face" on the package it should be gentle & worst case it shouldnt even be strong enough to handle hair anyplace else. Thus I believe Waxing is most preferred methods of depilating for arms and legs with young girls and working women. :-) ? I’ve tried it but i find it extremely time comsuming. It works awesome.. No pain, No hairs left unremoved.. :dance: Thanks for all the suggestions and advice. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. I guess that's all fine and well, except I don't have people sniffing my eyebrows too often. i then used veet cream for 2-3 months bt am scared of skin darkening.neways would try strips nw .hope those work. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … 2 x 50 mL . Then i tried this method: Warm the wax strip on gas (2-3 seconds), rub powder on the area where i need to remove hair and wax… it was so smooth… Underarms – didn’t try (Didnt have the requisite courage… :)). Unlike ordinary waxes, Veet wax strips have special formula which grabs hair as short as 2mm, so there is no need to wait for long hair regrowth & it effectively removes hair even if my technique is not perfect. Today I’m progressing to review the Veet wax strips for you all. Veet Face Wax Strips, Pack of 12. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. I mean, I did everything on my own. The supple and soft fleecy paper backing adapts perfectly to any body contours. and wax remained on skin after pulling the strips even though i did it almst perfectly, Your email address will not be published. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. Waxing keeps skin smoother for a longer period of time than other methods of hair removal, because it removes the hair at the root. Boots Opticians. I don’t get any inner growth or other problems. The kit includes 10 double-sided strips and four calming oil wipes to soothe skin and remove wax residue. 2. Remove with one swift quick movement and finish off with a Perfect Finish Wipe to remove any traces of wax residue. KIND of works on finer hairs but leaves quite a few. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Veet Wax Strips for Normal Skin for Body and Legs, 20 Double Sided Strips, Pack of 40 at but as you can see from the pic above it all came just in 1 pull from my legs, it didn’t hurt me at all…. Enriched with ingredients such as Shea Butter, these cold wax strips moisturize, leaving your skin feeling smooth and restoring skin’s hydration. Or inner thigh. OMG DO NOT BUY THIS - IT TAKES YOUR FLESH OFF! These strips don't need any special preparation, other than heating them for a few seconds between your hands. At first, wash & clean the area to be waxed & then dab some talcum powder to absorb moisture if any. If there is no reaction then go for whole area waxing **. hi daniella, it ddn’t worked wel for me too for my under arm area.. :-(( due to the coarse hair i guess…bt as neha neha suggested can try after applying a thick film of talc… :blush: I've tried some other brands before, and they totally were rubbish compared to these Wax Strips. Waxing every single part of my legs is yes, painful but tolerable. Formulated with a touch of Almond Oil, they remove hairs from the root for long lasting smoothness. Using the same tchnique, the second strip didnt work, leaving a thick layer of wax on my leg. so hw do u take ur hairs off??? After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Shaving did the same. .-= ki´s last blog ..Quick tips =-. yes i agree the superior quality waxing could be achieved only in parlours.. bt yes these are good during emergencies…. brr! It works.. But, the strips weren’t enough to complete the process. it is as effective as regular waxing n very cheap product also. What Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips claims: The product comes in 3 variants -one for each skin type: Ingredients list (as mentioned on the pack I bought): Wipes: Mineral Oil, Hexyldecyl Stearate, Parfume, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben, Tocopheryl Acetate, As I have sensitive skin I picked up the second variant. shaving gives me horrible, painful rashes. This will warm up the wax, and make the strips easy to separate. Waxing strips are amazing and I have known that for a long time. In pros, you say its not messy and good for areas like underarms. You put in on your body, pat it down...and when you rip it off, it takes the flesh with it. Simply apply wax strips to the desired areas. Step 4: Then very quickly pull the strip back on itself opposite the direction on the hair growth. Now live more spontaneous moments with Veet Ready-to-Use Hair Remover Wax Strips that removes hair closer to the root in just few minutes. Thankiesss… :-* :-* :-*, hi, im 13, and am not allowed to wax, i can shave though, but i suppose it darkens the skin… but i can’t live without wearing sleevless…. The strip did remove all the hair, fine or coarse wherever I tried it.. Am not sure . 5 steps to use the Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips: Do I need to mention this? It’s a cheap alternative when compared to the cost at parlour. Available in stores . Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. .-= jomol´s last blog ..HUGE GIVEAWAY ON INDIAN MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG =-. Shop now. These strips don't need any special preparation, other than heating them for a few seconds between your hands. i sometimes shave my legs ,it is as wel effective bt short term… u can trying shaving during emergencies…. but its differnt getting your waxing done in a parlour……..but for emergency, I can definietely use these…….. i have sensitive skin bt it doesnt get irritated all the time and i use diffrnt products…i regularly do waxing bt this is for the 1st time i tried veet ready to use waxing strips today only,,before i have used veet hair removal cream and that caused no such problms to my after using this wax strips bumps came up which was nt natural as i did waxing before bt never faced such problem Yes, it does hurt.. but, all waxing does.. be it at home or in a parlour.. Sush im definitely buying this one.. earlier i used to get my waxing done once in 2 months but from 2-3 months i’ve started getting my waxing done every 20 days by then my hair haven’t grown fully so i guess it would be great for people like me who just compulsively have to wax their arms and legs..!! I have really sensitive skin and it’s tough for me to find facial wax strips that wouldn’t give me severe allergies. The small strips are particularly suitable for face, bikini line, underarms, and touch-ups. Then I replaced it again but the same thing happened. I would reccommend this to anyone. i also get pinprick sized droplets of blood in certain sensitive areas like my inner arms and thighs after waxing. Buy Veet Ready To Use Sensitive Skin Wax Strips. The only complaint I have about this product is that it only comes with 4 oil wipes that soothe your skin and remove any remaining bits of wax. Your review is so true. I just wanted to ask that they are two strips attached to each other. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Veet Wax Strips for Normal Skin for Body and Legs, 20 Double Sided Strips, Pack of 40 at I have thick hair which is a pain to remove with this kind of strips. Simply apply wax strip to the desired area. They do get a lot of the hairs for sure, but sometimes the leave red strips where I waxed on my face for like two days !! I especially love that they even get most of the little tiny baby know the ones you normally have to pluck after you wax. Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2013. If after 24 hours, there is no adverse reaction, continue to use. oh u hv such a sensitive skin dear …u scared me…!!! Veet® Easy-Gel™ Precision Wax Strips for Face & Sensitive Skin, 12 ct + 2 wipes. This item Veet Facial Hair Remover Cold Wax Strips, 20 Count. We all lead busy lives with hardly any time for keeping ourselves #HameshaReady. //

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